13 Nov 2023

Introducing The Investor Engagement Platform is a progressive web app that revolutionises how startups communicate with their backers, ensuring every investor, from angel to micro, feels like a vital part of the journey. With , you're not just updating; you're engaging, connecting, and unlocking the full potential of your investor network.


In the fast-paced world of startups, communication is the lifeblood that keeps the wheels of innovation and progress turning. But as the founder of , I faced a unique challenge that many entrepreneurs can relate to: how do you keep a diverse group of investors engaged and informed without overwhelming them or yourself?

This conundrum led me to create , a platform designed not to replace formal governance reporting, but to enhance the connection between startups and their investors, making them feel like an integral part of the team.

The Origin Story of

Back in 2016, had attracted a significant number of investors. Each one was incredibly smart, with a wealth of knowledge and networks that could propel our business forward. However, they each had their preferred methods of communication – from daily emails to monthly PDF reports, WhatsApp messages, and phone calls. It was a logistical nightmare.

The real value of our investors wasn't just in their financial contribution but in the untapped potential of their networks and industry insights. We needed a way to harness this without causing 'update fatigue' or missing out on crucial connections and opportunities. That's where the idea for sparked into life.

What is ? is a progressive web app that streamlines the way startups share updates and seek support from their investors and advisors. It's designed to work seamlessly across desktop, mobile, and tablet, ensuring that no matter where you are, you're always connected.

For Startups:
  1. Connect Your Slack : Start by linking the Slack bot to your startup's Slack account. Create a dedicated channel for investor updates and add your key team members.
  2. Invite Investors : Through the interface, invite your investors and advisors to subscribe to your updates. They'll receive an email invitation to join the platform.
  3. Share Updates : Post regular, informal updates in your Slack channel. These can be text, images, or videos, keeping your investors in the loop with the latest developments.
  4. Request Actions : Use 's 'actions' feature to ask for social shares or email introductions. This makes it incredibly easy for investors to support you with just a click.
For Investors:
  1. Create an Account : Follow the link from your invitation email to create your account on .
  2. View Portfolio Updates : Your home screen will display a list of startups you're following. Click on any to see their latest updates, presented in a read-only format for easy consumption.
  3. Support Startups : Engage with action requests from startups, whether it's sharing their latest press release on LinkedIn or introducing them to a potential contact, all with minimal effort.
The Potential of is more than just an update tool; it's a network enhancer. It's perfect for corporate accelerators like Wira or Founders Factory, where it can be challenging to keep corporate employees informed about their startup portfolios. With , employees can subscribe to updates from startups they're interested in, fostering connections that could lead to exciting collaborations.

For crowdfunding, is a game-changer. It allows startups to keep hundreds, if not thousands, of micro-investors engaged and informed, making them feel like a vital part of the journey. This not only enhances the investment experience but also increases the likelihood of follow-on investments.

Conclusion was born from a real need within my own startup journey. It's a platform built to bridge the communication gap between startups and their investors, ensuring that every update and request for support is just a click away. It's about fuelling startups with the right connections and engagement, and I believe it's a tool that can transform the way we think about investor relations.

Ready to streamline your investor communications? Head over to and let's get started.

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